A Portal which allows colleges and companies to provide a wide range of educational and training courses to their students and employees.

Using a custom built Joomla component, users are provided single sign-on (via CAS) to multiple VLE’s (virtual learning environments), providing a one-stop gateway to specific relevant training required by their college or employer.

The component uses RESTful (Representational state transfer) architecture to retrieve data and actual ‘views’ from the Advance Learning Zone service layer.

Multiple instances of Joomla run from a single set of Joomla source files. Each instance has its own unique database, allowing each client to have a completely different configuration and look and feel.

Skills applied

  • Scrum Agile Development
  • Joomla multisites - client side
  • Symfony - business logic / API
  • Custom Components / Plugins
  • RESTful API
  • Single Sign-on (CAS)
  • Load balancing Environment

Project info

Project: Advance Learning Zone